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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

In my earlier post, Derwent Water from Keswick, I mentioned visiting the viewpoint in Castlehead Wood.  While I was there, I made a sequence of images to create a panorama but when it came to stitching it together, I struggled with the software I was using and was disappointed with the result, particularly eliminating the “seams” or joins.  Recently, I made a useful discovery which changed that… (more…)

Windows 7 Backup, Kaspersky Internet Security and the Datacolor Spyder

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

OK, so it sounds like either a bad “man walks into a pub” joke or a dubious play title, but these are the three components that (I think) have been slowly driving me nuts over the last week or so.  And as I seem to have cracked it, I wanted to share in case it helps make anyone else’s life that bit easier. (more…)

New PC for Photo Processing

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Sorry I’ve been short on posts lately, my attention’s been divided between some building work (and the resulting decorating) at home and the arrival of a new PC.  I previously talked about adding life to my old PC by clearing out shots that I didn’t need to keep and that certainly spun it out for a few months.  But lately Windows XP has developed a problem with one of the processes that’s caused it to grind to a halt on too many occasions.  It may well be repairable by reinstalling XP, but I came to the conclusion that the computer’s had a good life (about 8 or 9 years) and any investment of time and/or money in trying to keep it going any longer was probably going to just suck up valuable resources without any significant long-term benefit and that it was time to bite the bullet and order a new one.

The new machine is well-stocked, with a 15.6 inch B+RGLED screen, Inte Core i5 processor, 6GB RAM, 750GB 7,200rpm hard disk, Windows 7 and plenty of connectivity including HDMI and USB 3.0.  No matter how good a computer is, there’s always an amount of setting up you need to do to get it how you want it – installing software (“Now, where did I put that licence key? Oh yes, carefully filed with all the others…”) and transferring data (“I didn’t realise I had that much in there”).  Of  course, when you’ve got a new toy to play with you just want to get on with it and dive in!  But I’ve been good, I’ve been restrained and I’ve got everything set up how I want it first.  Well, more or less ;-)

Yesterday I processed my first set of pictures which were ones from the Trossachs, hopefully to be included on some websites of the area soon.  I was really impressed with how blisteringly fast the new machine is!  I’m also enjoying exploring the features of Capture One v6 Pro which is a significant upgrade from the previous version I was using.

As well as adding a few more images to the galleries from recent shoots, I’m hoping to get some shots from a session in the Lake District in a couple of weeks.  My biggest hope is that we get decent weather on the fells and the chance of some sunset / sunrise pics.  More to come…

Adding Film Grain in Photoshop

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

I’ve been working on a photo I took recently and came across a tutorial which I found useful in adding a film-type grain to a black & white image.  I can’t vouch for the site or its authors, but if you want some help with this technique this could be a good place to start – PhotoshopTutorials.

I applied this in Photoshop Elements using Elements+ from  For $12 (at the time of writing), this add-in for Elements gives rudimentary access to curves, 6-channel black & white conversion and Smart filters, amongst other tools.   I decided to get this after trying the demo and while it doesn’t unlock a full version of PS5, you would hardly expect it to for the money!  I haven’t tested it fully, and anyone reading this should use it at their own risk, but it seems to offer some additional functions that I might have been missing.  If you’re looking to add some power to Elements but can’t (or won’t) cough up for a full version of Photoshop, this might be worth a look.

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