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Capture One 6 released

I’m really excited about the announcement by Phase One earlier this week that they have released a major upgrade to Capture One, the RAW processing software I use.  More inside…

I’m not going to regurgitate the press release here – you can read it on Phase One’s website – but here are some of the highlighted features of the Pro version:

  • Local adjustments – edit selected areas of images non-destructively;
  • Black and white conversion — precisely adjust color channels to create split toning effects when converting to grayscale;
  • Keystone correction — reduces or eliminates perspective distortion while maintaining dimension integrity;
  • High-quality, simple to use printing options.
Capture One Pro 6: Spot removal

Capture One Pro 6: Spot removal

Also available in Capture One Express 6 (the basic version):
  • Enhanced metadata support including XMP sync, Auto Load and a GPS link to Google MapsTM;
  • A Loupe tool, which is a powerful magnifier to zoom into an image from 25 to 200 percent;
  • Integrated movie import, viewing and handling;
  • Search and filter that makes it easy to find, sort and organize images on the fly;
  • Advanced, token-based file naming;
  • Native 64-bit operation and OpenCL/GPU acceleration for substantially improved performance.

I’m particularly excited by the prospect of non-destructive local editing, which could make for a much more efficient workflow for me.  I can’t help getting excited by things like this – it’s a bit sad really, I know.  I’m planning to go through the promotional videos on the YouTube channel to assess whether the changes are worth upgrading for me, but I suspect that it end up involving money changing hands…

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